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Selling your sheet music

Sell Your Sheet Music, Books and Records

We are keen to buy used sheet music, music books & records!

Please feel free to send us an email, or if you would prefer to talk, email us with your number, and we will call you when someone is next in the shop.

What are we buying?

We are mainly looking for modern playable editions, especially  classical instrumental music. (Please note that we don’t work out quotes from lists, because we need to personally check the condition of all items! If you want us to give you an idea of whether your collection is usable to us, we can probably give you a rough idea based on a few photos, or descriptions of some of the titles and editions. We’re mostly looking for modern editions in usable condition, so please be aware that older collections which might have historical or sentimental value might not be of as much use to us; sorry!)

Buying music from interstate is not usually possible as we really need to view items for purchase, it is very costly to send, and becomes difficult if we find we cannot use the material.

The main genres of vinyl records we are looking for are classic rock, pop, punk and jazz.

How selling to us works

  •  DROP OFF. You can drop your music off, any time during shop hours which are  currently: 10 am – 5 pm, every day. As soon as a Da Capo staff member has had a look we will contact you with our offer.
  • BY  APPOINTMENT.  If you would like us to assess you music & books on the spot, just send us an email and we can make a time when a Da Capo staff member will be in the shop.
  • PICK UP. Alternatively, if you have a reasonable sized collection, we might be able to organise a pick up. This is possible if you live in Sydney’s Inner West, or somewhere between Berowra/Hornsby and Glebe.

How we pay

We pay by either:

  • Direct deposit into your account.
  • Credit in the online store,  in which case the offer is doubled.

If you have any further questions about selling your music, please don’t hesitate to email us: music@dacapo.com.au

Search the online shop

We have a large range of second hand sheet music at great prices.

Selling Your Music to Da Capo

Where can I sell my second-hand sheet music? To us! We are very keen to BUY MUSIC, so if you are inspired to use this time to sort and clean out your libraries, you can drop your music in to us. Or if you live on the route between Berowra/Hornsby and Glebe you can even organise a contact-free pick up from your home. Please see the ‘Selling your Sheet Music’ page for more details or send us an email.

Music & Book searches

We are more than happy to take your search requests for all sheet music scores, and books on music via email.

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